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"Exciting new era for education in Wales”

The Minister for Education and Welsh Language, Jeremy Miles, has heralded an “exciting new era” for education in Wales, as he visited a school yesterday to see children learning with the new Curriculum for Wales.

The Curriculum for Wales is replacing the national curriculum which has been in place since the 1980s. The new curriculum has been designed by teachers and educators, working with experts.

Schools will be empowered to design their own curriculum, tailored to each individual learner’s needs, while supporting their wellbeing. Every pupil will benefit from learning that supports them to become confident and creative, with the life skills and knowledge needed to help them reach their potential.

Subjects are grouped into six Areas of Learning and Experience. Specific subjects will still be taught, but schools can decide to combine them, so learners understand the links between them. For example, a topic like climate change can be looked at through geography, history and its impact on society.

All primary schools in Wales have now begun teaching using the new curriculum.

Around half of all secondary schools have also started to teach the new curriculum to Year 7 pupils, with all other secondary schools beginning to teach Year 7 and 8 pupils from next year. From 2024, the Curriculum for Wales will be rolled out on a year-by-year basis.

Jeremy Miles visited Ysgol Y Wern in Cardiff to find out how the primary school has begun teaching its new curriculum. He visited a class to see teaching and learning in action and spoke to pupils and teachers about their experiences.

Jeremy Miles yesterday said:

The new curriculum is an exciting new era for education in Wales. The motivation and commitment of our school workforce to bringing the new curriculum alive is really inspiring. It’s all about reshaping education to make sure all our young people aspire to learn and to succeed - to give them the best start in school and help us to raise standards. Our new curriculum is designed with learners’ progress and wellbeing at its heart. It gives teachers the flexibility to tailor lessons to their students, to challenge and support every learner, so that when pupils leave school or college they have the skills, knowledge and experience to reach their full potential in today’s world.

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