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300,000 Tutoring Courses Began Last Term

Hundreds of thousands of children across the country benefited from catch up tutoring in the first term of the academic year, new figures from the Department for Education yesterday (Tuesday 11 January) reveal.

Over 300,000 tutoring courses began last term, nearing the total figure for the previous academic year, keeping the National Tutoring Programme on track to deliver the ambitious target of two million courses this academic year.

Of the 302,000 courses which began last term, an estimated 230,000 were provided through the new, school-led tutoring pillar, showing that the introduction of greater flexibility for schools in providing tutoring is proving powerful in making sure the programme is reaching as many young people as possible.

According to the research, schools faced complex challenges in the autumn 2020 term, relating to pupils’ academic progress, wellbeing, and behaviour, as well as managing ongoing to Covid-19 restrictions. Schools responded to these by employing varying strategies targeting specific groups, such as those who had fallen behind in their learning, disadvantaged pupils, pupils with SEND, or transition year groups.

Evidence suggests that small group tuition can boost progress by an average of two months in secondary schools and four months in primary schools.

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